Vacuum filter process

2018-01-10 5264

Vacuum filter is currently the most widely used filtration machinery and chemical industry, environmental protection, food and other industrial production, the effectiveness of the community is very large. Vacuum filters can be divided into many different types of technology and work methods, and each filter has its own unique vacuum belt filter workflow. External filter surface drum vacuum filter, continuous and automatic operation can effectively filter, wash, dehydration, the operation site clean, easy to check and repair. The disadvantage is that the high cost, the use of heated liquid or vaporized vacuum vapor liquid filter pressure limit, low boiling point or volatile materials at the operating temperature can not be filtered, it is difficult to deal with solid content and changes in the characteristics of large particles of slurry, And the cake moisture content of about 30%, rarely less than 10%. Mainly used in chemical food industry.

The filter surface drum vacuum filter, suitable for filtering the uneven dispersion of solid particles in suspension, do not require mixing device Low cost machine to adapt to changes in feed concentration, if the need to operate at high temperatures, it is easy to take insulation measures. The disadvantage is that the drum surface can not be fully utilized diaphragm filter press, the filter cake needs a certain viscosity, or easy to fall off. As a result, the degree of vacuum drops, the feed flow changes, and the filter cloth is difficult to change.