Vacuum belt filter cloth deviation reasons

2018-01-10 5995

In many automation industries today, all work through conveyor links. Vacuum belt filter is one of the main components of the filter cloth, in the course of the use of inevitably there will be deviation of the filter cloth, it is inevitable because of the elastic filter cloth connection, the length of the change roll there is a parallel error And other factors, in the specific use, we must learn to analyze the reasons.

If the filter cloth is fixed to the side of the shift, we must first check whether the gas source is turned on, and check the air filter is working properly, the necessary cleaning. Now the vacuum filter has a limit switch, it is best to check the limit switch is found to be normal after the filter cloth offset, the normal position of the filter cloth at 0 degrees angle with the vertical line. At this time should adjust the rod, so that it slightly touch the filter cloth.

After confirming that the cylinder is fully charged, the center wheel angle should be further adjusted at the drive side bearing. At the same time in the drive side of the roller slot in the filter cloth in accordance with the travel direction of the drive side of the roller bearings, the filter cloth in the middle of the filter.