Vacuum filter installed

2018-01-10 3786

Vacuum filter is a slurry dehydration operation to vacuum suction pressure difference as a continuous filtration of the power of dehydration equipment. In accordance with the shape of the body can be divided into rubber band filter disc, tube and plane type three. Each type can be divided into many types according to the structural features. For example, the tube type vacuum filter can be divided into external filter type, internal filter type, folding type, rope type and filter magnetic vacuum filter, lattice vacuum filter, etc. .

Vacuum filter generally by the body, the distribution head, cylinder, tank body, the main transmission, mixer, unloading device and other components. Filter body has many separated from each other filter room, the filter work, the belt conveyor belt vacuum filter body drive body or cylinder rotation, the filter chamber is first immersed in the slurry, the interior was vacuum pump into a negative pressure, the material The liquid in the slurry is drawn into the filter chamber through the filter cloth and discharged through the dispenser head. The solid particles in the slurry are attached to the surface of the filter cloth to form a filter cake.

Although a variety of vacuum filters, the structure is different, but the installation method is basically the same. The general installation sequence is: body or supporting parts - simplified - distribution head - transmission - mixing device - laying cloth - connecting external piping.

Install the vacuum filter should pay attention to the following questions: (1) the main components such as the roller seat, roller, roller, simplified, the main bearing and other installation, to control the vertical and horizontal centerline, elevation, roller to the bearing distance. (2) main bearing, simplified, roller and other vacuum belt dehydration machine parts to adjust the level of installation degree. (3) The contact of the main parts with the mating surface, such as the length of contact between the rollers and the roller or roller of the cylindrical filter filter, the contact angle between the spindle and the bearing bush, the contact angle between the mismatch disk of the dispensing head and the distribution disk Tightness, etc. should be consistent with the requirements of equipment and technical documents, not up to the provisions of scraping or adjustment. (4) Clearance between moving parts and static parts, such as scraper knife and simplified gap of cylindrical ore filter filter, and gap between stirring blade and tank; Vacuum permanent magnetic filter tank and barrel filter Surface clearance, should meet the specifications. (5) The distribution head of the filter should not bear the weight of the pipeline. The filtrate tube connected with the distribution head should be equipped with a separate fixing bracket.

Trial run Vacuum filter no-load test run 4h, should be from low to high speed step by step, the maximum speed of running time of not less than 2h; drum type filter filter roller, cartridge filter cartridge filter Radial runout tolerances and disk filter disk end round beating tolerance should meet the technical requirements of equipment. Load test run 24h, according to process requirements. Stop running, should first stop to the mine, until the row of minerals to stop after the mechanical operation.