Vacuum belt filter structure

2018-01-10 4594

In the mining industry, belt filter is one of the commonly used equipment, including vacuum belt filter is the mainstream product. Before using the device, we should have a detailed understanding of it, such as the structural framework, so as to make better use of the device.

From the overall structure, vacuum belt filter is used in a removable frame structure, is conducive to the maintenance and repair machine, and demolition, easy to install. The vacuum belt filter uses a fixed vacuum cassette process to create an effective vacuum seal with a seal, plus lubricant and coolant.

After the liquid enters the vacuum chamber, it is discharged through the air-water separator. With the movement of the rubber band, the filter cake formed after the filtration enters the washing zone and the sucking-dry zone one after another, and finally the filter cloth is separated from the adhesive tape. The filter cake is discharged at the cake roll. Usually vacuum filter with air-cushion support and water film support in two ways, the tape suspended in the air cushion, can effectively reduce the friction resistance of the tape running and improve work efficiency.